Our company is a limited liability company with 3 partners whose partners are Customs Broker in accordance with the Customs Law No. 4458. The partners of the company have started to work in the private sector as competent persons with a career who served as Chief Inspector of the Ministry of Customs and Monopoly, Istanbul Customs Directorate and Customs Manager.

Our company has:
Seven Assistant Customs Brokers,
IT Managers from related departments of universities,
Business development / project manager with an MBA degree in the USA,
Auxiliary Personnel Responsible for Control Operations,
There is a Manager and Assistants in our accounting department.

Our Company does not apply any privilege that will cause injustice among the employees in terms of granting and granting rights. The employee complies with the rules on the subject of employment. Our company works with personnel who complete the trial period with the desired performance and reliability. In this respect, our employees have been with us for many years. We are proud to be one of the companies with the least mobility in a sector where mutual trust with our customers and protection of trade secrets are of great importance. The most proud indicator of this is our 10+ employees who have been with us for over 15 years.

Our head office is located in Beşiktaş. Besiktas, which is one of the busiest business centers of Istanbul, is also a point where all kinds of transportation networks are available in Istanbul. Thanks to our central location, we are at equal distance to even the most remote places on the European and Anatolian sides of Istanbul.

We have branches in Erenköy and Halkalı. It is aimed to shorten the processing time by using the time in the most efficient way with our branches established with the strategy of convergence to the places where customs consultancy service will be provided at the customs in Istanbul and its vicinity.

In our company, where the latest technological equipment is used, customs registration procedures are carried out through our computer system which is connected to Customs Offices online in electronic environment and our special computer software integrated into this system. Our experienced staff serving in customs is in contact with our head office via GSM at any time. Our company, which provides fast, high quality and modern customs clearance services by reflecting the innovations brought by the era with technological investments and qualified human resources, aims to keep the service efficiency and customer satisfaction at the highest level by minimizing the transportation time to the customs in and around Istanbul with its own vehicles.