Customs Consultant Deha Göksu left the Ministry of Customs and Monopoly Inspector in 1963 and moved to the private sector. Deha Göksu, who wanted to take part in the service sector by acting as a customs broker, founded Ant Customs Clearance Company in 1965 on his own initiative. Ant Customs Clearance served under this status until 1985.

Oktay Ergül, who worked at the highest levels of the customs organization by serving as the Chief Inspector of the Ministry of Customs and Monopoly, the Ministry Consultant and the Istanbul Customs Directorate, left his position in the public sector in 1985 and established Detay Customs Import and Export Company together with Deha Göksu.

Detail Since the customs clearance of a capital company since 1985, significant progress has been made in the business volume and the sectors it serves. Detay Customs clearance, import and export customs clearance services, as well as the founders' career environment in accordance with many domestic and foreign large companies began to provide foreign trade consultancy services. The increase in the number of companies served over time, the growth of the business volume and future projections required horizontal integration, and in 1991 Göktay Customs Import and Export Company was established as a Joint Stock Company. With this company, specialization has been achieved for electricity and electronics industry.

As a result of the increase in the domestic volume and the sought-after ratio in the market, the Customs Consultant and the Undersecretary of the Prime Ministry and the Undersecretariat of the Prime Minister of the Ministry of Customs and Monopoly in 1998 served as a retired customs consultant for nearly 30 years.

In 2006, he served as Customs Manager at Atatürk Airport, Erenköy, Halkalı Exit, Çatalca Free Zone, Haramidere Fuel and Food Specialization and retired in 2001 as Mersin Passenger Hall Customs Manager.

Today, our company continues to work under the name of Detay Customs Consultancy Limited Company, which meets the requirements of the customs law no.