Technological developments

With the beginning of the 2000s, the Customs Organization was equipped with information processing, and BILGE software, which was prepared to carry out customs operations in computer environment, was started to be implemented. Nowadays, computer and data communication technologies are rapidly becoming widespread, and there is a great benefit to the fact that information transfer between companies can be done electronically.

With the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) application prepared for this purpose, a firm with any customs software in its office integrates its own customs software into BILGE software by uploading only an EDI translator program to its system in order to send the declaration information to the Customs computer system electronically. Thanks to this translator, without having to make any changes to his system, he sends the declaration information prepared by using his own software and hardware to the Customs side.

In our company, which closely follows the developments in technology, a computer system directly connected to the IT Department of the Customs Directorate and a special computer software integrated into this system are used. The declarations of the import, export, warehouse and transit regimes, which are prepared in the workplace and produced in the data processing in the workplace, are delivered to the customs administrations without error by means of the existing EDI channels, registration procedures and follow-up are made and sent to the approval of the customs directorate in an instant file. In this way, important gains are achieved in time and race, which is of great importance for our customers and us, and the fast and accurate data flow is realized with minimized error rate.


All documents and documents used in customs procedures are stored in digital media and a document in the archive is delivered to our customer immediately upon request.